1. Programming Environment and Software Engineering

- Programming Environment for Supporting Type Modification
- Object-Oriented Language with Abstract Type Objects

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2. Object Relational Database System

- Heterogeneous Object Relational Database that Stores Multimedia Data Objects

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3. Data Mining Algorithms for Numerical Data

- Algorithms for Optimized Numerical Association Rules
- Two-Dimensional Numerical Association Rules that can Handle Correlations
- Compact and Accurate Decision Trees by Using Range and Region Splitting

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The Nikkei Business Daily, 96/7/29

4. Credit Risk Analysis by Using Advanced Data Mining Algorithms

- System for Estimating Default Risk of Companies by Using Data Mining Functions

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5. Geographic Information System and Spatial Data Mining

- Algorithms for Finding Frequent Spatial Patterns from Integrated Geographic Information Systems

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6. Intelligent Power Management System

- System for Optimizing Energy Cost for Manufacturer Plants by Predicting Weather and Electricity Demands

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Works in 1 were performed at Graduate School of Engineering Hiroshima University.
Works in 2 to 6 were performed at IBM Research.